About Lanyon Design 

A life time of practical experience

Engineering factory in school holidays.
-fitting/turning, foundry, machine shop, cutting, store

CO2 Plant
Carbonic Ice (NZ)Ltd

-CO2 generation equipment, chemical plant and fire protection equipment
-Four year engineering drafting apprenticeship
-Six months on the workshop floor
-welding, fitting/turning, machining.

Fan Heater Units
Skope Enterprises (NZ)Ltd.

-Domestic electrical products, central heating, vending machines, refrigeration units sheet metal/plastic products, full manufacturing workshop
-Designer/Product development/proto-type building and engineering drafting

Container Lifting Trailer
Steel Bro (NZ)Ltd

-Road Transport equipment, trucks, cranes, heavy trailers, buses, cars, ‘B’ Doubles and self steering trailers Workshop engineering drawings, sales/tender drawings, product design and development.

Australia's First
Light Weight Semi Trailer (4.9t)
1982 –83
Mc Grath Trailers (Aust) Ltd.

-Semi trailers and truck equipment fit outs
Head engineering Draftsman/Product designer/Sales drawings

Special Semi Trailer
For Transporting Pre-Painted
Roofing/Guttering Steel Products
Haulmark Trailers (Aust)

Heavy duty semi trailers, road trains, livestock haulers, low loaders/floats, steering trailers.
Senior Draftsman – engineering, spare parts, new product design, costing and sales drawings

3 Rows of 8 widening Low Loader Designed By Tippet & Lanyon
1986 to today……

Industries: Clothing, chemical, safety, plastic, heavy structural, architectural, buses, cars, Foundry, machining, electrical goods, electronics, systems, food industry, mining, construction, materials handling, fishing, toys, etc.
Drawings: Patents, Registered Designs, Trademarks, spare parts, catalogue, cartoons.
Design: Products, logos, instructional brochures, engineering drafting.
Artwork: Artist’s impressions (black & white/colour), advertising, concept sketches, Perspective drawings, illustrations.